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Divorce mediation



Do you have a relationship problem? There are constant conflicts between you and your partner?


Is your marriage in crisis?


Do you wish to manage your divorce with grace and peace, in a way that protects your children?


Would you like a neutral expert to guide you through the mazes of parental custody, visitation rights and child support?


Would you like to reach an agreement but your discussions always turn into a fight?


Or, on the contrary, you have reached an agreement on everything and you just need someone to draft the agreement and the petition for divorce?


In such situations

divorce mediation is a different possibility

you might want to choose



sad couple break up 


The end of a relationship is a loss in itself. The divorce proceeding adds to this, which, especially if it takes years, just deepens the gap between the parties and puts a pointless emotional and financial burden on them.


However, a relationship which was nice at the beginning could come to an end in a graceful way.


If you and your partner both intend to come to an agreement, choose mediation.


Divorce mediation is for couples (married couples or partners) who think their relationship is irreparable, but who intend to part in peace and wish to continue to cooperate in the future. It is especially important if they have common children.


The objective of divorce mediation is a fast and peaceful agreement instead of the emotionally demanding divorce proceedings which can take years. This way, it is easier to process the loss and start a new life. The child will be damaged the least if his/her parents cooperate with each other and they stay on good terms despite the divorce.

In divorce mediation, if parties think the divorce is unavoidable, the mediator helps them to:

- reach an agreement in all important questions, and by submitting their agreement to the court they can apply for a divorce by mutual agreement

- keep a good relationship and peaceful cooperation for the sake of the child.
We work with mediation on a conscious level. My target is to empower you to access your own awareness, and to be present with you and your partner with more consciousness. I will not give you solutions - you will find them. 


The mediation sessions last 1.5 – 2 hours, and in some cases several meetings are necessary. The aim is to find what is working for the parties. If they find common ground, they put their agreement in writing with the help of the mediator. In mediation, nobody loses. Therefore, the possibility of a future cooperation between parties will remain.






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