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Labour law


Comprehensive services for employers in labour law questions:


- employment contracts, non-compete agreements, study contracts, confidentiality agreement 

- contracts of employees in managerial positions

- preparation of internal regulations (company car, use of telephone, data protection, cafeteria policy, code of conduct, labour safety policy etc.)

- complying to GDPR in HR issues 

- up-to-date information on the change of labour law regulations 

- preparation of documents relating to termination of employment (notices, agreements on termination of employment with mutual agreement)

- re-organizations, planning and execution of collective redundancies, legal and administrative management of the full process)

- settlement of conflicts between employer and employee, possibly in a mediation procedure

- litigious representation in labour law disputes

- full screening of the company from the perspective of labour law so that we can identify the potential deficiencies and risks, and elaborate solutions that are tailor-made for the companies


Legal representation for employees, mediation activities in labour law matters if needed:

- settlement of conflicts between employers and employees

- disputes concerning the termination of employment

- disputes concerning wages and benefits

- disputes concerning the modification of employment contracts

- disputes concerning the return of mothers to work



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