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Complex management of legal processes of companies


It is better to prevent problems than to remedy them – this also applies to the course of business of economic companies.


I provide my clients with legal support so that they can achieve their goals, not only in connection with a given problem or case, but also, on request, I ensure the complex management of the full legal processes of the company.


- foundation, modification, representation of a company

- permanent legal counseling

- participation in the preparation process of business decisions

- standardized contracting practices

- comprehensive management of legal affairs

- minimization of potential legal risks related to the course of business

- claim management

economic mediation>>



Providing legal representation to a company is a position of trust. For the sake of an efficient cooperation, I establish a close personal contact with the leaders of the company and I seek to get familiar with the business philosophy, strategy and objectives of my clients, which allows me to give useful advice when they are making preparations for a business decision.


I always draw my clients’ attention to the fact that in case of legal disputes and conflicts of interest the legal proceeding is not the only and not always the most practical solution. The settlement of a conflict arisen between companies can often be reached in a faster, more efficient and considerably cheaper way in the framework of an alternative dispute settlement proceeding: economic mediation.


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