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About me

Anita Vimlati

lawyer registered at Budapest Bar Association (reg. nr. 36071405)

mediator registered in the Mediator Registry of the Ministry of Justice (reg. nr. T/001971)


I represent the values of the lawyer’s profession with the traditions in mind but with a significant change of approach.


I am not dealing with the case itself, but I always look at the individual. In the event of a legal dispute or conflict of interest, I look for the most advantageous solution for all parties involved and, by occasionally using alternative dispute settlement methods as well, I help the parties to reach an agreement which is not only legal but also fair and easy to meet for all parties involved.


When representing a company, not only do I help my clients to find a solution to the problem in question, but I also ensure the complex management of the legal processes of the company (standardized contracting practice, comprehensive management of legal affairs, minimization of the legal risks related to the course of the business, economic mediation etc.)


We will find the best solution only if all the parties involved are winners – the satisfaction of my clients is my real professional achievement.


Anita Vimlati

36/30 98 97 662



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